Pastors corner April 2016


I had the opportunity to sit in on the women’s Bible study this week.

The subject was on prayer.  So I thought about a few things regarding prayer.

The first question I would like to ask is: What is prayer?

Answer: It is talking to God. It is a conversation with God and it is time spent in a relationship with Him.

God loves you and me. God also wants to meet our needs.  Please remember prayer is not a shopping list of our wants. We need to separate our wants and needs. I have been reading a book on prayer its title is: The 21 most Effective Prayers Collection by Dave Earley.

He writes the following on prayer.        “Prayer is the way we defeat the Devil.  (James 4:7)

                                                                      Prayer is the way you acquire wisdom  (1:5)

              Prayer is the way a backslider is restored. James (5:16-20)”

           The 21 most Effective Prayers Collection by Dave Earley.  Page 78

       < Highlighting a few points    I did not quote the entire list. >


I hope you get the idea. Prayer is taking our needs to God.  It is bringing our praises to Him. It is an act  of worship on our behalf. In the book I just shared with you, I am paraphrasing his points here. We need to learn the discipline of prayer which includes… Dave Earley goes on to say:  “Our time, a place to pray, and someone to pray with if possible.” Pg 80 paraphrased

It is my prayer and hope that we will honor God by praying to Him. God will be found by those who truly seek him.

Have blessed day

Pastor Terry

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