Pastor’s Corner, August 2014

Pastors Corner

August 2014


It is hard to believe that the summer is going so fast. I have so much I need to get done before the nice weather turns cold.  I was thinking about the same idea, only in a spiritual sense. There is so much evangelistic work to be done in the world today.  We live in a culture that moves fast and furiously, and success is measured by the accumulation of things rather than by our faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up our everyday work that we forget or even miss opportunities to share the gospel with people. IF you are a Christian person and are reading this message, let me encourage you to take a minute and look up Mark 16:15

             My friends take a little time today to read the Bible and reflect

on God’s Word.  Then pray to God. Talk to him just as you would talk to a close friend. Remember He loves us and wants us to share that love with others.


Pastor Terry

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